Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The role

I recently heard a pastor's wife say that every staff wife should be involved in women's ministry. This is where my heart is, but I just don't think that you should define where someone is involved. It also amazes me how many staff wives I see who do nothing and are not a part of the church they belong to. What is your take on this? What should a pastor/minister's wife do at the church?


Mrs. H said...

Personally as a youth pastor's wife, and thanks to God's call on my heart, my heart is for the youth. If there is a women's ministry activity that I am interested in, I will attend, but beyond that don't usually look to head up any women's events (& don't feel pressured to). :)

Sharon said...

I personally feel that if my husband and I are one, then I am called to ministry as well. The ministry is not a vocation, it is a life calling. It consumes and somewhat defines who you are. I strongly believe that a pw should be supportive of her husband and his ministry above all. How much, where and when she serves within the church will be determined by the season of life she is in (small children, etc...) and her personality. There are many options other than teaching children, leading ladies studies, and singing.... for some, it may involve all of the above, and for others it may be a quieter ministry centered more on one on one ministry to the hearts of women or girls- this is sometimes one of the most important aspects of ministry and, for me, the most rewarding.

Megan said...

Thanks for your thought-provoking question! I'm a pastor's wife and, right now, my primary mission field is my children and husband. If I don' t keep them fed, clothed, and encouraged, not much other ministry is going to happen anyway! If the body of Christ is truly a body with all parts working together with different functions (Romans 12:4&5) then we should be able to appreciate that each person is going to be useful in a different way.